Some people want it to happen, Some people wish it would happen,
Some people make it happen.

Our Accelerator Program

The AFF Accelerator program is a 17 week sprint which serves to be the tangible crystallization of everything we seek to create in the world of FinTech.

It's existence is the very embodiment of the thinking, the desire and the will of Africa FinTech Foundry. We will make it a shining example of excellence in the space. The community is drawn to its irresistible gravity.

The association thus formed will cement the Accelerator's positioning as the disruptor and innovator of choice. This impact is stronger than the impact of a product and one expanding.


Selected start-ups receive access to world-class investors and mentors whose main aim is to assist start-ups in achieving their full potential.


Selected start-ups receive seed investments of 10-12% equity investments that starts from $25 000.


Selected Companies receive professional, comfortable and flexible office space. Perfect for collaboration and testing.

Many Other Benefits

Selected start-ups receive a host of benefits such as hosting, marketing, legal counsel, financial services amidst others.

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